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Secure Your Future Now

Why did you start your business ? 

What were your hopes and dreams?

  • The freedom to choose who you work with ? 
  • Spending each day doing work you love ?
  • Having time for family and friends ?
  • The money to travel and try new things?
  • The satisfaction of leaving a legacy ?
Now is the time to make that happen !

You're Just a Few Steps Away From Building the Business You Really Want

  • However long you've been running your business – weeks, months or years, if what you're doing isn't working you can start doing what works right now!
  • THIS is the moment, let's get going!
  • Change something. Do something different – big things, small things. 
  • What's important is to start. Get some inspiration and DO it!
  • In just seven weeks you can have the information you need to transfrom your business and enjoy your life. 
  • You can have your dream business – make more money and have more time to enjoy it.

Ann Hawkins

Author of New Business: Next Steps (Pearson: 2015)

Work Smart Not Hard

*Do the first two lessons and, if you don’t think it will work for you, you can cancel before the third lesson is delivered and get a full refund.See Terms and Conditions

What People Are Saying

Work Smart Not Hard helped me to identify the core areas of my business to focus on for best results
Andy Stevens, Director, Enduring Solutions LTD
Work Smart Not Hard gave me direction and focus and some really useful knowledge and insight.
Sara Collins, Founder, Harnessing Creativity
I found Work Smart Not Hard really beneficial. I discovered numerous ways in which I could grow my business.
Hazel Cottrell, Director of Creative Content Company

Business can be rewarding and life is for living ! Get this programme now and make those changes!

“During the ‘Work Smart Not Hard’ workshop, I was blown away with how much Ann knows and with her continued support and guidance throughout. I knew she cared about my business and was genuinely interested in helping me. Not only does she guide you on the right path and make you think about things in different ways, but she also reasons everything out, making it much easier to understand. I have worked with a number of business mentors but none of them have made an impact like Ann did. I cannot recommend Ann highly enough and I’m hoping I can work with her again in the future! Ann is an inspiration to me and by the sounds of it, to a LOT of others too. Hannah Purser, MY VIP Wardrobe Ltd